Wednesday, April 29, 2015

20 Times Channing Tatum Was Just Too Damn Much


Enjoy Chan in All His Glory, Find Out Where You Should Have Sex Before You Die, and More!
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20 Times Channing Tatum Was Just Too Damn Much
He just turned 35, so that's a good enough excuse to enjoy Chan in all his glory. Read More
20 Places to Have Sex Before You Die
Spoiler: Your bed isn't one of them. A piano definitely is. Read More
12 Celebs You Forgot Were in Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies
Including stars from Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Gilmore Girls, and more. Read More
Here Are a Lot of Photos of Celebrities Wearing Bikinis
Because we cannot wait for summer. Read More
23 Life-Altering Ways to Use a Blow-Dryer
Yes, 'life-altering.' We mean it. Read More
Celebrities Wearing Things!
Check out everything your favorite celebrities are wearing this week. Read More
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